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Workshop on the book Three Magic Words by U.S.Andersen
                                    Presented by AlvaGarnes 
Why Three Magic Words?
My love affair with the book and why I recommend it as a great and instructional metaphysical masterpiece:
Basic question I recall in the first year of Science of Mind. US Anderson poses the same question. We should not be first asking what I own or how much can I have of the material world, but instead let us endeavor to ask :
What am I? What caused me to be? Why am I here? Where am I going? These are the questions of the human soul that demand answers.
I ask that you have an open mind as we together seek to understand more of who and what we really are through the revelation of  three magic words.

1.      June 1 2014 - Discourse #1 Can you believe? All things are possible! What/where is the lock to your inner power and how to open it. Overcoming buried pain remembrances.
2.      June 8 2014 - Discourse #2 Let us investigate the idea of Hell and evil. Where did it come from? Who is the creator of such illusions.
3.      June 22 2014 - Discourse #3 The mystery and mastery of mind. Who is your mind? Let us discover the portals through which your mind travels to self discovery and self actualization.
4.      August 24 2014 - Discourse #4 And God said let there be light, form, for the word becomes flesh and dwells among us. Yes your word becomes manifestations. You are thought and activity in the Universal Subjective Mind (or the Creative Law (Principle) of Mind.
5.     August 31 2014 - Discourse #5 Your mind is a broadcasting and receiving station. You understand that there is only one universal mind and all things exist in it, and trough it. All knowledge is revealed to me by means of this one mind, in which I exist. I am united with the One! Discover your genius.
6.    September 5 2014 - Discourse #6 You are the maser of your subconscious activity. Through faith you become a catalyst for creation.

All classes will be held after Sunday Service downstairs after light refreshments are served. Class will last about 1 hour. (12:30 – 1:30). Please let Alva know if you plan on attending!
Suggested donation $45 for all six classes

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